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Past Events

Read about our past events and their impact on building this community. Every speaker that we have hosted has depth of knowledge and experiences that have been shared with us. We have learnt so much from every event. Hope to share it with you all

Fireside Chat with Brian

Male Allies can empower women in the workplace by actively supporting their ideas, advocating for equal opportunities, and challenging any biases or discriminatory practices. Brian talked to us about the Role of Male Allies in empowering women at workplace

Brian WIT.jpg

Professional Journey with Personal Growth Sima Umathay

Every problem has a solution, and if there is a goal, there has to be a way to achieve that goal. Leverage your strengths to differentiate yourself, keep growing and making a difference in your organization and community. Build a legacy of high achievement with a growth mindset. Sima inspired us all by sharing her personal journey.


Finding your strengths with Emily Doan

Have you ever tried to do something but just couldn't? Strengths empower you to understand yourself, perform at your best, build strong relationships, make career choices aligned with your talents, and navigate challenges effectively. Emily helped us find strengths and turn them into opportunities


Work life balance, the power of choice with Maria Winan

Work-life balance is a crucial aspect of our lives that often gets overlooked as we try to climb the ladder of careers. We have the power of choice to prioritize our time and strike a balance. Maria Winans talked to us about how we can make that choice and empower ourselves.

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