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Our story

WIT Align was founded by women like you who decided to begin their technology careers over a decade ago. We made many acquaintances and friends on this journey and explored different mentorship platforms. We searched tons of online mentorship platforms only to fill out forms and then be on a long waitlist. Oh! And we also scratched our network to find women at our workspaces to mentor us, but we needed help finding expertise on the floor. Unfortunately, this is a challenging reality of the culture around us. Relatively fewer women take up STEM courses during their college. Even after they do, they occasionally stay in this field during their long-term career. 

We all have been there, dipping our toe cold. And that is precisely the reason we founded WITAlign. We created a safe space for our audience to seek (or) provide mentorship. But, hey! What's the core ingredient of the story we want to create with this platform? 

What makes us different? We align strong, like-minded women (a mentor and a mentee) to bring out the best of their potential. A home to share your knowledge and experiences to inspire! 

Here's what our team wants you to bring to the table.

"Be curious, ask questions, think outside the box, and succeed in your profession!" 


Help us shape a better PRESENT for you :)

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a community of inspired women, who show up as their authentic selves, gain clarity and align career milestones to goals. Women in Tech Align offers structured mentorship and the opportunity to network with professional leaders from tech industry.

Rows of Pillars

Our Core Values


Be true to yourself by accepting shortcomings and turning them into potential opportunity


Digging deep within yourself to uncover 'Why?' creates awareness, encouragement and agility


Align your actions towards your goals. And your goals  towards your true north

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