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  • Finding your strengths
    Fri, Jun 23
    Virtual meeting on LIVE VIDEO
    Have you ever tried to do something but just couldn't? Strengths empower you to understand yourself, perform at your best, build strong relationships, make career choices aligned with your talents, and navigate challenges effectively.

Our Team. Our Mentors.

Mentoring is a valuable tool for developing our most important asset, our people.

Our Mentees Say...


"This program started at a completely ideal time for me because I was dealing with my first job transition ever in my career. My mentor, helped me navigate my exit from my old job in a respectful and graceful way, then enter my new role with realistic expectations and an open mind. It didn't take long to realize that my mentor was essentially my work therapist, in the best of ways. I am extremely grateful for the facilitative, encouraging, and comfortable environment both-my mentor
& the others who organized this program have built. I'll be joining the next round of the program and am excited to see how WIT Align evolves.."

Maya Felten, Data Support Specialist at Compass

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