Our Mentors

Mentoring is a valuable tool for developing our most important asset, our people.

Ann Samuel

Director, Customer success

Motivated software professional with 20 + years industry experience in operations, product management and customer success. I enjoy bridging technical and business domains, product promotion, building and leading cross-functional teams in remarkably complex, technical environments. Passionate about developing cloud products, serving as advocate for customers, teams, people and problem solving. I also believe the best productivity comes from diverse teams, so i focus on creating and building diverse culture around teams that encourage you to bring your best to work.

Based in Seattle, WA

Preethi Thomas

Software Engineer Manager

Highly motivated software Professional and team lead with experience in Project Management, Quality Assurance and Software Development. Strong knowledge of multiple software development lifecycle variants and QA/QE methodologies, Linux operating system, web technologies and enterprise-ready software applications. Open-source software enthusiast and contributor.

Currently leading incredible engineering teams through agile development of container tools and run times. I am a strong proponent of open communication, focused on building and maintaining strategic relationships with other engineering teams, quality assurance, product and program management. Throughout my career, I have been strongly focused on mentoring and coaching, both my own teams and through volunteering opportunities.

Based in Cary, NC

Krista Johnson

Manager, Technical Program Management

Energetic and forward-thinking team leader with 12+ years of experience with both small technology start-ups and Fortune 500 companies; focusing on customer success, and program management and DevOps. Passionate about change resilience, creative problem solving, and communicating through ambiguity as well as employee engagement and servant leadership

Based in Seattle, WA

Amruta Dhotre

Senior Technical Program Management

Network engineer turned to a Technical Program Manager with 8+ years of experience driving cross-functional operational programs. Managed and launched complex programs by understanding the customer pain points, working closely with engineering/product teams and conceptualizing solutions. Created customer focused success stories for established and start-up companies by building strong relationships with stakeholders and teams around the organization.

Based in Seattle, WA

Nijeel Parekh

Software Developer

Passionate Software developer who started tinkering around with programming since highschool and carried the love for programming all the way through my masters degree in computer science at Syracuse University. I have 9+ years of industry experience as a Software Developer with 5 years of a small to midsize fin-tech company experience and 4+ years of experience at Amazon.
Through my career I have had the opportunity to step into different roles to get the product launched, which has taught me a few tips and tricks to deal with blockers (both human and systematic). I would love to share my experience and also hear other’s experiences to help create a positive experience for tech employees.

Based in Seattle, WA

Roseline Devados

Development Manager

Software engineer and Development manager with 20+ years experience shipping enterprise grade commercial software. Experienced in working in both technology startups and in a leading software company. I want to share my experience and the lessons learnt that it may benefit young professionals.

Based in Seattle, WA

Lavinia Balescu

Principal Technical Program Manager

Highly motivated manager with +5 years of experience in creating, coordinating teams of successful, empowered engineers. Passionate in rising talents and helping people surpass their mental obstacles, clarifying purpose as I consider that personal and team performance can reach incredible levels when the long term, higher purpose is clear. One can turn daily job into a calling when higher purpose is clarified which will pervade in all aspects of personal life.

Based in Bucharest, RO

Jayashree Narayanan

Principal Technical Program Management

A 14 year young entrant in the Computer Science/Tech industry, who has gone through multiple roles such as Software Developer, Solutions Architect and (currently),Technical Program Manager. Responsible for developing strategy, plans and resource planning to deliver business critical solutions with significant bottom-line impact. Excels in collaborating with key business and technology stakeholders to set business objectives and deliver complex programs. Loves bridigng the gap between business needs and engineering teams to arrive at what is best for the individual and the team. Believes in bringing your authentic self to everything you do and that you learn more by being open, inquisitive and accepting

Based in Seattle, WA

Nipa Shah

Engineering Manager

Nipa Shah is an Engineering Manager with the NetSuite-Oracle HCM group where she works with the Software development team that builds the US Payroll tax application. She has grown in the company in the past 5 years from a Senior Test Engineer to a Test Engineering Manager and now, to an Engineering Manager managing a team of developers and testers. She has been in the management position for close to 5 years and has helped mentor both junior and senior team members. She holds a Masters in Computers and Management from India, and has an overall experience of 11 years in the software industry, with 4 years of experience in people and strategic management.

Based in Bangalore, India

Michelle May

Senior Program Management

Senior Program Manager based in Seattle, WA with a passion for cross-group collaboration, team building and tactful communications that inspire results. Consistently partnering across the enterprise with project sponsors, key stakeholders, governance partners, and vendors to ensure transparent communication, evaluation of trade-offs, and risk resolution. I am enthusiastic for the mentorship program to promote personal and professional development so we can all thrive in positive workplace atmospheres.

Based in Seattle, WA

Stephanie Nordness

Senior UX designer

Stephanie is a Senior UX Designer for McGraw-Hill Education. Though she started in Client Services, Stephanie realized over time that designing products (rather than encouraging people to use them) was a better fit. Through education and networking, she worked her way into a successful UX Design career.

Stephanie lives in Seattle, WA with her husband and their two fur children. When she’s not at work, Stephanie is usually watching Great British Baking Show reruns, or training for her first half Ironman.

Based in Seattle, WA


Brittany Ziminsky

Principal Product Manager

Brittany is a Principal Product Manager that focuses FedRAMP Security and Compliance at IBM Cloud. She holds a MBA with an emphasis in Cybersecurity from Seattle Pacific University. Brittany has been in the cybersecurity space for about 5 years and enjoys running marathons, world travel, and her white german shepherd, John Snow.

Based in Seattle, WA

Amber Walcker

Content Program Manager

Amber Walcker has a passion for learning fueled by her curiosity. Using her unique skill sets and intuition as guidance, she has the ability to see possibilities, opportunities, and structure in what others may classify as chaotic or complex challenges. She is a leader who is empathetic and optimistic while always holding a high-bar for kindness. She is a Content Program Manager for Oracle, who specializes in helping others harness the power of words, the process of finding the “right” words, and identifying every audience to ensure those words resonate.

Amber is a Content Program Manager for Oracle,
who specializes in helping others harness the
power of words, the process of finding the “right”
words, and identifying every audience to ensure
those words resonate.
Amber is a Content Program Manager for Oracle,
who specializes in helping others harness the
power of words, the process of finding the “right”
words, and identifying every audience to ensure
those words resonate.

Amber is inspired daily by her husband and two-year-old son. In her free time, she enjoys learning new things, researching new recipes, virtually chatting with her family and friends who live cross-country, and taking afternoon walks with the family’s Keeshond, JoJo (Instagram: @jojothekeeshond).

Based in Seattle, WA


Ophelia Hernandez

Director of Software Development

Passionate engineering leader excited about the future of the cloud and DevOps space. I enjoy solving difficult technical problems, mentoring, career development and team building. Been leading teams for 10+ years and always looking for ways to become a better leader. Experience building high performing global teams from scratch. Your teams are only good as the person who leads them.
Outside of work I enjoy my four dogs, two cats and one daughter. I’m almost an avid boxer, hiker and world traveler.

Based in Austin, TX

Olga Sirotinsky

Software Developer

Dedicated Software Developer currently enjoying learning full stack technologies. Passionate about team collaboration, innovative ideas, creative problem solving, and building products. 
Background includes over 10 years in retail industry, two bachelors degrees -one of these being fine arts, and over a year in the food industry. My life has had various challenges and roles but I do believe in one thing — all of these have played a critical role in my success today.
For anything new I might be afraid of but am curious about my motto is this : How do you know if you don’t try?
Based in Seattle,WA

Emily Doan

Technical Program Manager

Technology enthusiast who is passionate about leadership development, self-improvement, and balancing our inner and outer lives to our fullest potential.  I embrace change and love to partake life’s journey to find meaning and purpose in our lives.  Creative thinker and problem-solver who is a catalyst for meaningful change and transformation.  I manage cloud release programs, operational excellence, project strategy and execution and process improvement.

Based in Elk Grove, CA

Deborah Dunn

Escalation Manager

I am a “seasoned” professional that has been in IT/Customer support forever.  I have enjoyed being at different roles in my career from Tech Support, Account Manager and Escalations.  At each juncture I was a mentor or mentee and have gained invaluable insight and relationships that have helped me along the way

Based in Morresville, NC

Reena Parangot

Director of Engineering

Based in Washington, DC