Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate/register for mentorship program?

Women across all levels in the field of technology can register to participate in mentorship program. This is a global and inclusive community of women who want to help each other develop their careers

How do I become a mentor? Are there any qualification requirements?

The only requirement to becoming a mentor is to be an inspiring leader. As a mentor, you will motivate the mentees to give their best at work, learn new skills, develop confidence, and make logical decisions. 

To be a mentor, simply click on Sign up and complete the application under Profile

How do I seek a mentor? Are there any qualification requirements before registering?

Be curious to learn more. Asking quality questions to yourself can help gain clarity while defining goals. This is not only a great way to reach your career goals but also to connect and network with other women in similar field.

If you are seeking a mentor, click on Sign up as Mentee and complete the application under Profile. Be specific in the help you are seeking from mentors for us to match you with right mentor.

What is the time commitment for participants?

We strongly suggest active participation for about 16 weeks. Minimum time commitment is to meet regularly for 2-3 hours every month.

What happens at the end of mentorship term?

As a mentee, you can ask to continue with the mentorship beyond term by writing to our admins ([email protected])

You can also turn the table and request to become a mentor in our community. 

How will I be matched to a mentor?

Mentees and Mentors are matched based on their background, experiences and expertise listed in their discovery forms. Be specific in your asks or offerings in the application.

What happens after getting matched to mentor?

Program Co-ordinators at WIT align will set up an introductory call with mentors and mentees. Thereafter, participants will go through 16-week program. They are required to complete goal setting exercise. They can decide to meet regularly at their convenience.


What if Im dissatisfied with my matched mentor?

We try to match participants based on mentor’s expertise area and mentee’s goal requirements that are collected from discovery form. However, it is possible to have compatibility differences with mentor. We ask you to email us as [email protected] with your request and we will look into it.

When is the best time in my career to have a mentor?

Best time to get involved in mentorship as a mentor or mentee is now. At every point of time in career, we should seek to make improvements or learn new skills. Mentorship is great way to get guidance and stay accountable to reach career goals.

Im so busy, how will I find time to participate in mentorship?

Mentorship is not just a give and take of knowledge but can be a huge learning opportunity. Our mind gets tuned to doing things in a particular way, mentorship provides an external outlook into your work and suggests improvements. Likewise by helping mentees reach their goals, mentors can leverage their past experiences to motivate others.

What kind of goals should I focus on during the mentorship?

Very often we are so caught up in day to day chores that we lose focus on larger purpose of life. It is important to align your actions to goals and goals to purpose. Take time to self-reflect, understand your experiences and skills and then consider your next big move.

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