Tech Writing Workshop

The need for strong technical writing skills has become a growing necessity for a variety of roles in tech and other professional disciplines. Join Barry Saiff, Technical Writing Manager, and Kat Reierson, Senior Technical Writer, Docusign, for a brief introduction to Effective Technical Writing. You will learn seven habits of highly effective technical writer as well as discuss skills and strengths that will help you improve your ability to write to a diverse and broadly technical audience.

Date: August 4th, 2022
Time: 12pm PST/ 3pm EST (60mins session)
Virtual event on Zoom only

Sip 'n Chat

Grab your warm drink or meal to an intensive book review of Indra Nooyi's- My Life in Full. Since the book released, we have seen so many interesting discussions arise from WIT Align slack members that we had to set up a formal book review.
So order your copy now to start reading and sign up for the event to get your Zoom invite. More details to follow.

Date: March 25th, 2022
Time: 12pm PST/ 3pm EST (60min session)
Virtual event on Zoom only

Mentorship 2022 Program Enrollment

We are building a community of inspiring women in field of technology, who show up as their authentic selves, gain clarity and achieve career goals. Here is a opportunity for you to join our free online 12-week mentorship program going live from September to December 2022 as a mentor or mentee.

Sign up now to complete the Mentorship Application for Mentor or Mentee
Registrations open August 15 to 30th, 2022
Orientation and Kick-off on September 15th, 2022 at 5PM PST
Get matched with our pool of mentors/mentees based on career aspirations and skillsets
Spend 2-4 hours every month on virtual sessions to break down SMART goals using Vision Board
Exclusive access to our community events, webinars and team building exercises

Past Events

Email us at to access recordings of these events

Discussion on managing your money. We explored the steps to a lifetime of riches, the money formula, and how our mindset affects our money. We explored these concepts in the Money Mindset and Management session with Sandie Coco. She walked us through how you can bring your desires into reality by building a new relationship with money. Sandie shared her budgeting strategy that allows her to visualize and meet her financial goals.

Have you ever wondered what product management is and whether it’s something you would like to do? Have you felt you need a specific background for product management? What if you have no relevant experience? If you have asked any of these questions to yourself or just wondered about the potentials of product management. You have an opportunity to get them answered

Fireside chat with Gail Houston- LinkedIn is considered the leading social media platform for recruiters to search for candidates but is it the only one? Recruiters often usemany other platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Github to search and connect with the candidates. In the upcoming fireside chat with Gail Houston, we will chat about how one can effectively network with recruiters using these platforms. Leverage social media to showcase your work and passion projects. Boost our social media profile to get discovered. This is the first step to grow career and create meaningful connections with recruiters. Get noticed, get hired! 

Creating a Word Glossary and Guide are foundational building blocks to good communications. In this talk, Amber will walk through my five-step process and template to surface word usage, purpose, context, clarifications, and meaning as well as build partnerships and trust with your team and partner teams.

WHAT DO I WANT FOR MYSELF? Gain curiosity, confidence and clarity around your unique ‘big picture’. A workshop focused on connecting your values and strengths to your holistic vision for yourself. Dr. Toni Best is the Chief Human Performance Officer and a founder at Aduro, a leading provider of corporate wellness solutions that drive Human Performance — existing at the intersection of well-being and performance. Toni will guide you through some personal reflections meant to establish a foundation for understanding what you want in life, and what goals you might set to get there. Walk away with curiosity, clarity and confidence around your own unique journey!

    Have you hopped on LinkedIn to look for a job? Do you get nervous networking on LinkedIn? How to optimize LinkedIn for building your brand? If any of these resonates with you, join Fireside chat with Gail Houston to ‘Elevate your LinkedIn presence’. Gail has been a part of the Executive Recruiting Team at Intuit for over 15 years. LinkedIn is a powerful social media tool for job seekers and recruiters. Using the right images, captions, keywords, work experiences in your LinkedIn profile can get you noticed by recruiters and hiring managers. LinkedIn networking is also beneficial to connect with professionals from different fields, stay informed about market trends and company’s events. Register now to learn more about how you can leverage this platform to grow your career